Setting Up Export Forms Template in ConnectMax

Setting Up Export Forms Template in ConnectMax


This article will explain how to export Forms to your computer using ConnectMax.


In order to export forms from ConnectMax, you must have ConnectMax setup. For information on setting up ConnectMax, see Setting Up Your ConnectMax Integration.

Creating Forms Export Template

Open ConnectMax, click Export, and click File Export.

Click New and Enter a name for the Forms Export template.

For the Export Type select Forms and for the Form select the name of the form you would like to export.

Select the desired date range and press Load. All forms submitted in this date range will be loaded.

You will now see all forms submitted in the selected date range for the selected Form.

Click Save and click the Settings tab.

Fill in the export file details:
  1. Each form export contains an export file which holds form data. In the Export File box, enter the name for the export file.
  2. Select CSV. This is specifies the file type of the export file.
  3. Press the Browse button and select the place where the export file will be saved. Using the Browser button will fill in the Export Path box automatically. You can also enter a folder path in Export Path box manually.
  4. For Line Ending select Carriage Return/Line Feed.
  5. For Delimiter select Comma.
  6. If you are using Form tables, make sure to check or uncheck the Include Table Headers option depending your preference. This option can also be enabled/disabled for the main form by checking or unchecking Include Form Headers.

Click Save and click the Export Fields tab.

On the left are the form fields that are available for export. On the right are the fields that have been selected to be part of the export.

To include a field in the export, click the field and click Add. You can also add by double clicking on the field.

An Add Field window will appear. Make any desired changes and click Save.

The field will be added to the Select Fields on the right. Continue adding all fields that you wish to be part of the export. You can edit, change the order (the order of the fields in the export file), and delete Select Fields by using the buttons in the middle.

Once you have added all your desired fields, click Save. The template is now ready for exporting. For more information on export forms, see Exporting Forms in ConnectMax.

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