Exporting Forms in ConnectMax

Exporting Forms in ConnectMax


This article explains how to exports Forms in ConnectMax.


Before you export forms, you must setup a forms export template. See more information on creating for export templates, see  Setting Up Export Forms Template in ConnectMax.

Export a Form

Open ConnectMax and click Export and click File Export.

Prepare to load the forms by doing the following:
  1. Select the form export template you would like to use.
  2. If you would like, you can verify the dates are correct. All forms submitted in this date range that corresponds to this template will be loaded.
  3. Click Load.

The forms submitted in this date range will be loaded.

You can see a preview of a form by clicking on the arrow button to the left of a form. Click arrow again to close the preview.

When you are ready to export, select the forms you would like to export and click Export.

After the export has finished, you will see a message indicating how many forms were exported.

All the exports are located in the folder specified in the Export Path on Template Settings tab. There will be a folder for each form exported.

If you navigate into one of these folders, you will see that data for that form. There will be at least one .csv file in this folder. CSV files can be opened with a spreadsheet application such as excel or another basic file editor such as Notepad on Windows. The data in the folder will look similar to the following:

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