Understanding the productivity dashboard

Understanding the productivity dashboard

In this video we walk you through using and understanding productivity in insight.

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      Introduction Productivity homepage is a place where Executives, Administrators, Superintendents and other leaders at your company can come to see the overall productivity health of your job sites. Prerequisites In order to start using Productivity ...
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      Introduction The Location Details page shows you the productivity health of a given location. You and your team will be able to gauge how well a job is doing right now and where the jobs hours are headed at a glance. Location Overview At a glance, ...
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      Introduction The Productivity Task Details page consists of the task's Budget, Pace, Completed Hours/Units, Remaining Hours/Units and Estimated Complete. Budget Shows: 1. The name of the task 2. Budgeted hours 3. Budgeted units Pace #1 Pace Needed - ...
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      In this example we go over using productivity to be able to take away from a budget with out creating additional time records.
    • Understanding User roles

      In this video we do a walk through of user roles and what they do. If you have questions on this and need help please reach out to support at support@workmax.com