General Time Settings


1. Select Time

2. Select EDIT

A. Select which Pay Group you would like to set for your Default Pay Group.

B. Select which Time Format you want.

C. Select the desired radius for your GeoFence, if you use that feature. 

D. This setting will allow records to be flagged red in the Time Editor if they exceed the set threshold.

E. Turn on IN/OUT Time Photo requirement for all employees.

F. Turn on IN/OUT Recognition, as well as how closely the taken photo must match an employee profile. We recommend a threshold of 75%

G. Turn on and fill out Time Disclaimer. This will be seen by all employees on clock out. 


NOTE: When a Manager clocks IN/OUT a group of employees, if that manager accepts the Disclaimer on Clock OUT, that disclaimer will be accepted for all employees being clocked OUT.

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