Productivity Task Details Page

Productivity Task Details Page


The Productivity Task Details page consists of the task's Budget, Pace, Completed Hours/Units, Remaining Hours/Units and Estimated Complete.


1. The name of the task
2. Budgeted hours
3. Budgeted units


#1 Pace Needed - The pace needed to place all budgeted units + Unit of Measure and hit the hours budgeted for this task. In the example below, 120.7 yards is the line in the middle of the rectangle. If employees, in this case, are placing 120.7 yards continuously, they will place all budgeted units on time according to the budgeted hours. Anything more than 120.7 yards will make this task start to trend towards placing all budgeted units under budgeted hours.

#2 Current Pace - The current units/hour that units are being placed. In the example below, the red progress bar is the current pace. The data visual shows that the current pace is far away from the pace needed in order to hit the hours budget for this task.
#3 Hours Left - The amount of hours it will take to place all remaining units at the Current Pace


Hours Completed - Shows the percentage of hours completed compared to the budget. Also, shows the completed hours/budgeted hours below the percentage.
Units Completed - Show the percentage of units completed compared to the budgeted units. Also, shows the completed units/budgeted units below the percentage.
Trending - The trending hours for the tasks. Red means the task is trending to go over budgeted hours. Green means the task is trending to go under budgeted hours. In the example, this task is trending to go over budgeted hours by 1046 hours.


Hours Remaining - Percentage of hours remaining in the budget. Also shows, the completed hours/budgeted hours.
Units Remaining - Percentage of units remaining in the budget. Also shows, the completed units/budgeted units.

Estimated Complete

Estimated Percent  - Shows a previously added estimated percent, if there is one and you can add a new estimated percent.
Date updated - Date when the estimated percent was updated.
Variance - The difference between the hours completed coming from the field and the estimated percent field.

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