Syncing in the New App

Syncing in the New App



How to get new jobs, tasks, employees, etc on the app?

Syncing in the new app is very similar to how the previous app worked. There is no "Pull Sync", "Push Sync" or "Full Sync" like the previous app. If you want to get new jobs, tasks, employees, etc on your mobile device, you will go to the menu and tap the sync button.

How do I submit my time?

Real Time Submission
If you have employees that clock in and out, their time will sync as soon as the time record is created if they have an internet connection. If you don't have an internet connection when you're clocking in and out, make sure to open the app and pin in when you do have an internet connection.

Timesheet Submissions

Common reasons why records don't sync

  1. Employees close the app before syncing has completed
  2. There is no internet connection when employees created time records

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