Creating and submitting a Form using the new mobile app

Creating and submitting a Form using the new mobile app


WorkMax Forms have never been easier to create and submit. We'll cover how to access form templates on the new mobile app and how to sync them.


A Forms license, the new mobile downloaded, and applicable permissions to Forms. 

Form workflow is now handled within the Control Center for the new mobile 2.0 mobile app. Previously, draft or completed forms were a per form option on the old mobile app. Now, within the Control Center, you will go to the Form Build tab > Select the form you want to edit > Select the new Settings tab > Choose whether the form should be a Draft or Completed version by default.

Submit a Form Using the New Mobile App

Tap Create/View Forms.
Choose a form template you want to fill out.
Fill out the form.
Tap "Unsynced" to view forms that you haven't synced yet.
Choose the form you want to sync and press the sync icon.
All synced forms will show in the "Synced" tab. Synced Forms will be deleted after 3 days.

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