Submit a Form Using the Control Center

Submit a Form Using the Control Center

To submit a form using the Control Center, click FORMS, choose Submit, and then select the desired form from the drop-down list.

After selecting the desired form, the form will appear on the right-hand side of the screen with the association's drop-down lists on the left.

Complete the following:

1.  Forms drop-down list. A different form can be selected here.

2.  Form description. An optional field that is used to distinguish this form from others of the same type when searching in Completed.

3. This field will auto-populate with the name of the person who is submitting the form. This can be change if the form is being fill out for another person.

4.  Form associations drop-down lists. Any associations selected will cause the chosen location, device, asset, task, or ticket to be associated to this form, and are used to distinguish this form from others of the same type when searching in Completed. It will also cause the form to be displayed on the completed forms tab in the location manager, task manager, employee manager, and ASSETS module for the selected association. Note: Be sure to select the associations BEFORE filling out the form as some fields will pre-populate based on the associations selected (only fields that were mapped in the FORMS Designer will prepopulate).

5.  Form to complete

6. Select Submit at the bottom so that the form will be saved and placed into Completed or select Save Draft  and the form will be saved as a draft to work on later.

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