Setting Up Locations

Setting Up Locations

The follow outlines the steps need to set up a new location:

1. lick the Settings drop-down and select Location.

2. Click the New button.

3. Enter to following information Note - Name is a required field.

A. Enter name of Location.

B. Parent Location Selecting a Location from the drop down will make the selected Location the parent of the one you are currently creating.

C. Status is where you mark the Location as available, or Active, for use throughout the WorkMax modules.

D. Prevailing Wage Checking Box. Lets you know that this job is a Prevailing Wage job.

E. External ID is a unique identifier to connect the Location to an external system.

F. Code is a unique identifier used for the Location throughout the WorkMax modules.

G. Barcode for the Location

H. Assign a Division to the Location.

I. Assign a Department to the Location.

J. Assign a Pay Group to the Location.

K. Enter the Location address.
L. Enter the Location contact and workman's comp info.

M. Enter a Location description.

4. Click the Save button to save the Location.

Note - Location is a Flex-Field that can be renamed to personalize your system and match your company terminology. In these articles, Flex-Fields will be highlighted green for easier recognition. 

For more info on Flex-Fields check out the article Flex-Fields in WorkMax.

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