Setting Up Employees

Setting Up Employees


In this article we show how to set up new employees in WorkMax.


In the Employee set up process, you will be applying some settings from the Modules menu as well as assigning User Roles.  To avoid having to come back and complete the Employee setup later, it is recommended that you first complete the steps in the following articles before setting up an EmployeeSetting Up User Roles and Setting Up Modules.

Setting Up a New Employee

To start, click the Settings drop-down and select Employee.

Click New to create a new employee.

Enter an employee name (the first name is required) and upload an employee picture. To upload a photo of the Employee, click the Choose File button and browse to image file. Currently the system only supports .png and .jpeg formats. We recommend that you take the profile picture on the mobile device.

Select the Employee User Roles using the License/Role Assignment section. Each module has its own roles and assigning a role will use a license for that module. The number of licenses used and purchased is shown next to the role drop-down list for that module. You must assign a User Role to the Employee for them to have access to the module. The Administrator check box gives access to all areas of the system and assigns one license from each module to the Employee.

Input the Employee contact information. These fields are optional.

  Assign the Employee system settings.

  1. Status must be set to active for the Employee to use the system. 
  2. Employee PIN. Used to sign in to the Time Clock.
  3. Employee Bar-code. Used to sign in to the Time Clock.
  4. Assign the Employee to a Division.
  5. Assign the Employee to a Department.
  6. External ID is a unique identifier to connect the Employee to an external system.
  7. Code is a unique identifier used for the Employee throughout the WorkMax modules.
  8. Assign the Employee to a Pay Group.
  9. Select the Employee's default time zone.
  10. Select which language you want on this employee's profile.
  11. Requiring this feature will require a picture to be taken on clock in in and out.
  12. Requiring this feature will compare the employee's face capture photo to their profile picture, using the Facial Recognition Threshold percentage set. You will see the results per record in the Time Editor.
  13. Enforcing this hides FORMS from the home screen of the mobile app. It can also automatically present a form to the employee based on the settings of that form.
  14. This will override a Pay Group specific auto lunch rule. Override on + "Always apply Auto lunch" will activate your auto lunch rule for this employee. Override + "Never apply Auto lunch" will deactivate auto lunch rules for the employee.

Click the Save button to save the Employee.

Other Notes

Employee is a Flex-Field that can be renamed to personalize your system and match your company terminology. In these articles, Flex-Fields will be highlighted green for easier recognition. For more info on Flex-Fields check out the article Flex-Fields in WorkMax.

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