Real Time Clock IN - Mobile App

Real Time Clock IN - Mobile App

TIME WORKFLOW #1 - Real-Time Clock IN/OUT throughout the work shift:

With this workflow employee punch IN,  change TASKS and punch OUT in real-time as it happens. Supervisors with permissions can do the same for an entire group/crew. Because they are clocking IN under proper TASKS as it happens, throughout the day, this workflow delivers the most accurate time worked with tasks worked on and supervisors will not need to do anything more. Your business gains accurate employee time and labor worked, GPS time stamps are also captured at every step (INs, Task Change, and OUTs), along with accurate tasks, units and productivity (job-costs). This real-time workflow allows your business to gain accurate time and task worked with complete employee time tracking and labor automation for faster payroll, billing and increased efficiency.

Pros: Most accurate time/labor tracking and most accurate task tracking. Takes <5 seconds. 

Cons: Requires employees (or supervisors) to punch IN, change tasks, punch OUT as it happens.

Real-Time Clock IN/OUT process

Follow these steps to capture time entries.
Clock IN:

1. Pin in using the PIN that was set-up by the WorkMax admin.

2. Choose CLOCK IN

3. To change locations tap on the Job / Location area.

4.  More locations will come up. Select desired Location.

5. Employees responsible for clocking-in only themselves will only see their name. Select CONFIRM to continue.

6. Employees responsible for clocking-in multiple employees, i.e. supervisor, will have the option to select multiple employees. Clicking Employee will provide them with a list of other employee's they can clock in.
Select all employee(s) to click-in and click CONFIRM.

7. If a company uses pay groups then employees responsible for clocking-in others will see a Groups option. Clicking this displays employee groups. 
All employees in a given group can be seen by clicking the drop down next to the group name. An entire group can be select by checking the circle next to the group name.
Individual employees in a group can be selected by checking the circle next to their name. After all desired employees have been selected, click CONFIRM.

8Select the Task that will be performed. If a company use barcodes for tasks, select Scan in the top right to scan a barcode.

9. This screen allows reviewing and editing the clock-in information before finishing the clocking-in. If the employee is clocking-in multiple employees you will see the names listed. 
      (1) The Location and Task can be changed by clicking on their respective rows. 
      (2) Notes can be added by clicking on the notes button. 
      (3) When ready to clock-in, select Confirm
Notes: If a company uses clock-in photos, a picture will be taken at this time.

10. The success message will be displayed if the clock-in was successful.

Clock OUT:

Note: When an employee is clocking out of one task and directly into another task, clocking out is not needed,. Clocking into the new task will automatically clock the employee out of the old task.
Clocking out is needed when the employee is not clocking into another task, i.e. lunch or leaving at the end of the day.

1. After entering our pin PIN, select Clock Out.

2. If an employee is responsible for only clicking out themselves, select CONFIRM.

3. If an employee is responsible for clocking-out multiple employees, select the desired employees to clock-out, select CONFIRM.

4. The success message will be displayed if the clock-out was successful.

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