Real Time Clock IN + Allocate Tasks

Real Time Clock IN + Allocate Tasks

TIME WORKFLOW #2 - Real Time Clock IN/OUT + Allocate:

Punch IN at the start of the shift and OUT at the end of the shift, then a supervisor can allocate tasks and units later. Employees do not need to change tasks through the day; supervisors can break up the accurate time shift into tasks (multiple shifts) performed with units produced and can even bulk-allocate time/tasks/units for an entire group of employees at once. This real-time + allocate" workflow allows your business to gain accurate (real-time) labor worked, GPS time stamps on the IN and OUT, then tasks, units completed added later to help increase productivity (job-costs).


Pros: Employees only have to punch IN and OUT (two punches per shift/day). Accurate IN and OUT times (total time paid is exact), allocating time broken up into TASKS can be done later (end of day, end of shift, etc.), requiring minimal steps for employees, yet accommodates task and unit tracking / production / accurate job costing. Rapid, graphical task allocation and units completed UI/UX for supervisors to quickly allocate an entire group/crew in seconds.   

Cons: Requires employees (or supervisors) with permissions to Allocate tasks in the Control Center later.

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