Productivity Location Details Page

Productivity Location Details Page


The Location Details page shows you the productivity health of a given location. You and your team will be able to gauge how well a job is doing right now and where the jobs hours are headed at a glance.

Location Overview

At a glance, you and your team will be able to view:
1. The completed hours compared to the budget
2. How many hours are remaining on the job
3. Where the locations hours are trending (Over budgeted hours - RED, Under budgeted hours - GREEN)
4. A list of tasks that are trending to go over budgeted hours
5. A list of tasks that are trending to go under budgeted hours

Note: Clicking on any of the tasks in either list will take you to the Productivity Task Details page for that task.

Task Hours Complete vs. Budget

Shows the tasks for the given location categorized based on each tasks' completed hours vs their budget. In the example below, I have 25 tasks that have completed less than 60% of their hours compared to their budgeted hours. I also have 1 task that has completed 61% - 80% of it's hours compared to it's budgeted hours. You can click on any segment in the pie chart to show you a list of tasks in that pie chart segment. Once the list populates, you can choose a task and be taken to that tasks; productivity details page.

Productivity Table

The productivity table is the brain of Productivity. Productivity Table shows the productivity numbers for each task for a given location. You will also have a summary at the bottom of the table. 

Editing the Productivity Table
Editing the table allows you to:
1. Edit the budgeted hours per task
2. Edit the budgeted units per task
3. Provide the estimated hours completed for a task.

Exporting Productivity Data
You have the option to export CSV, Excel and PDF. The exported data is for the selected location only.

Productivity Table Tasks

Tasks show in the table if they are part of a locations' permission. If locations are imported using an integration, WorkMax will automatically create a permission set for a location and its associated tasks according to your accounting system. If tasks are listed in the table without budgets then you'll want to check to see if the task has a budget. If there is a budget in your accounting system then please contact our support team.

Budget Column

Hours and Units Budgeted hours and units for each task. If you'd like to edit the budget, it's best to change the budget in your accounting system and reimport the updated budget rather than editing the budget here. For those who use accounting systems that do no support budgets or are unable to import budget data, you may press the edit button and change the budgeted hours or units.

Units/Hours The units per hour rate needed in order to hit budget for a given task.

Completed Column

Hours / % Completed hours for a task / Percentage of a hours completed compared to the hours budget for a given task
Units / % Completed units for a task / Percentage of units completed compared to the units budget for a given task

Estimated Complete

Your company may wish to manually audit the actual completed hours of a task. Although the hours coming in from timesheets and real time say that a location is x amount of hours complete to budget, a skilled foreman may think otherwise and put his estimated hours complete in this area. The Variance is the difference between what the foreman's entered percentage done and what the hours coming from employees timesheets and real time is saying in the completed hours column.

Remaining in Budget

Hours - Hours remaining in the budget for a given task
Units - Units remining in the budget for a given task

Current Pace

Hours Left - The amount of hours left to place all budgeted units working at the current Units/Hours.
Units/Hours - The current units/hour pace of a given task

Pace Needed

Units/Hours - The units/hour needed in order to place all budgeted units and hit your hours budget per task.


Hours Over/Under - If the number is negative and red it means that the task is trending to go over it's budgeted hours at the Current Pace's Units/Hours. If the number is green it means that the task is trending to come in under it's budgeted hours according to it's Current Pace Units/Hours number.

Note: The summary of the trend column fuels the trend at the job level you see on the Productivity home page and other areas of Productivity.

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