Permission Profiles

Permission Profiles

Permission Profiles:

The "Profiles" tab in permissions allows for the assignment of imported permissions such as, employee, locations, tasks, devices, forms, assets and custom lists. This will allow you to create a profile with a set of individual permissions that can be assigned to new employees.  After you set up your Permission Profiles, you will no longer have to manually select individual permissions every single time that you hire a new employee with the same permissions as existing employees.  Below are a few examples.  As always, please contact us should you have any questions.

Permission Profile Example 1

  • Your company uses imported permissions and needs them to be given automatically to all of your employees

  • You need devices to be assigned automatically when they are created

  • You need new forms automatically assigned to employees

  • You need new assets automatically assigned to employees


Step 1 Imported Permissions: Select All (existing and New)


Step 2 Employee: Select All (existing and New)


Step 3 Devices: Select All (existing and New)


Step 4 Forms: Select All (existing and New)


Step 5 Asset: Select All (existing and New)



If you create a permission profile like this, all of your employees will be assigned all imported permission sets, all devices, all forms and all assets present and in the future.


Permission Profile Example 2

  • Your company is organized by Department

  • You need your jobs, tasks, assets, etc organized by Department as they are imported into WorkMax

*This workflow would be the same for grouping permission profiles by division and or employee groups

**It is possible to add department or division to employees, jobs and assets upon import. Division can be added in ConnectMax but Departments would need to be associated with each record according to your database.  For additional questions, please contact WorkMax Support.


For this example, I am choosing Concrete Contractor department for all of my department selections.


Step 1 Select the Employee Department of choice


Step 2 Select Location Department of choice

The following box will appear. Select Continue.

Step 3 Select Task Department of Choice



Step 4 Select Devices Department of choice


Step 5 Select Asset Department of choice



This was an example of what a company might do to set up their permission profiles according to specific departments. If all of my departments needed to be set up in this fashion I would need to repeat steps 1 through 5 for each department.  There are many different variations of how this can be used and the above example may not fit your needs.




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