Location Parent/Child update

Location Parent/Child update

Introduction:  As many know the permissions in WorkMax can be complex and the selection of items has been open to all with a permission set.  In the past when an location with a child object has been pulled from a 3rd party system, anyone with access to that permissions has been able to clock IN to the parent location, even if the parent had no tasks associated with it and did not have a permission itself.  When this is done, it typically requires an edit to the time record so when it is sent back to the 3rd party system the record does not error out on import (since the parent location record should not have time associated with it).

If you do not use a Parent/Child location relationship, this change does not apply to you.

Change: By Default, WorkMax will now limit the selection to the Employee based on if the location (Parent or child) has a task associated with it. If you have a current permission which is imported from a 3rd party system, you will now notice if the Parent location does not have an individual permission, it will no longer be selectable by the employee (Unless overridden by a profile setting or simple permission). This same selection process will also take place within the Time Editor when the permissions are based on the Employees permissions (Unless you are a Full Administrator of the account at which point you will still have access to select Parent locations with no associated tasks.)  For most, the biggest change you will see is when in the Time Editor, you will notice the the parent location is greyed out and not selectable.  You would need to select the arrow next to the parent to get to the child object. ( See screenshot for reference) 

You will also notice in the permission itself, there is now a box indicator vs a checkmark in the parent permission. (See screenshot for reference).  This indicates only the child is selectable in this permission.

If you have you further questions about your setup or questions regarding this change, please contact support at 801-465-8181 option 2 then option 2 again, or you can email us at support@workmax.com