iPad or Tablet - Accessing WorkMax Control Center

iPad or Tablet - Accessing WorkMax Control Center

As a web-based solution, WorkMax can be accessed anywhere there is a stable internet connection available.

In addition to the WorkMax iOS and Android apps, an individual can also benefit from accessing the web-based WorkMax Control Center from their tablet or iPad. Common use cases would be to approve/sign-off, edit, review or allocate time within the Control Center. 

For the optimal experience, there are a few general points to consider when using a tablet to access the WorkMax Control Center:

  • Google Chrome is the recommended web browser.
  • Accessing WorkMax via a strong WIFI connection will perform better versus using a mobile data connection.
  • Tablets do not offer the same performance or functionality as a desktop or laptop PC (smaller screen, less memory, less processing power, general screen navigation, etc.)
  • Employee Groups, User Roles and Privileges can be setup to manage what features, functions, and data employees can access within the WorkMax Control Center. 

To Access your WorkMax account now, select WorkMax Control Center.
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