Flex Fields in WorkMax

Flex Fields in WorkMax

WorkMax Flex-Fields allow you to personalize the system for your business.

Throughout the support articles when we refer to a Flex-Field you will see the default name highlighted in green.

There are currently 4 Flex-Fields you can label to promote rapid adoption of the system across your company. These include:






Note - Asset is only available if you have purchased the Asset module.

Example - Let's say you are a taxi service and you want to change the flex-field names to the following:

            Employee to become Driver.

Location to become Zone.

Task to become Activity.

Assets to become Trucks.

To rename a Flex-Field, go to the main setup screen for the Flex-Field you want to personalize.

For Employee you would click the Settings drop-down and select Employee.


Click the edit icon next to the current Flex-Field name.

After typing the new name, click the green Check button to Save.

You will be prompted with a brief explanation of what will happen next. If you would like to proceed, Click YES.

Once the changed Flex-Field name has been saved, the change will be reflected throughout the entire WorkMax system. 

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