How to Set Forms Permissions

How to Set Forms Permissions

Users can specify which forms employees have the ability to fill out in the field by using Permissions. To create a new permission set, or to adjust an existing permission set, select Settings and then from the drop-down select Modules.

In Modules select System and then select Permissions.  

Under PermissionsForm Permissions can be assigned to new or existing Permissions or, more commonly, assigned to new or existing Permission Profiles.

To create a new Permission click New.

Complete the following:

1.  Name the Permission.

2.  Specify if this Permission is under a Parent Permission (typically it is not).

3.  Set the Permission to active/inactive status.

4.  Select the Forms that will be allowed within the Permission.

5. Click Save.

This new permissions set can now be assign employees via the Employee Manager.

To assign to an existing Permission, select the Permission you would like to modify.

Select the Forms that will be allowed within the Permission and click SaveThis existing Permission has already been assigned to existing employees, the changes will automatically apply to each of them.

More commonly, Form Permissions can be added to a Permission Profile by selecting the Profiles tab on the Permissions screen., then selecting the Profile you would like to modify.

This will display any Permission Profiles that have been previously set up. 
Select the Forms you would like to assign to the Profile by individually placing a check mark next to each.  Alternatively, if you would like to give access to all Forms, select the All (existing and New) option.

Once completed, click Save located below the Permission Profile.  Changes will now auto update for all employee's currently assigned to the Profile.

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