GPS Globes

GPS Globes

We are pleased to announce the addition of a new feature to the GPS globe, aimed at providing improved GPS tracking functionality and addressing any challenges that may arise during the tracking process.

These are the conditions of why each globe may appear.

1: Black Globe conditions 

A: In and out record both fall within geofence

b: INCOMPLETE RECORD - In record within geofence

c: INCOMPLETE RECORD - Out record within geofence

2: Orange globe conditions 

A: In & Out records both do not have GPS coordinates (NOT A TIMESHEET RECORD BUT A REAL TIME RECORD)

B: In record falls within geofence but out record has no GPS coordinates

C: In record has no GPS coordinates and out record falls within geofence

D: INCOMPLETE RECORD - In record has no GPS coordinates

E: INCOMPLETE RECORD - Out record has no GPS coordinates

F: If the device is outside of a connection range for longer than 5 minutes

3: Red Globe conditions 

A: In record GPS is outside geofence & out record is within geofence 

B: In record is within geofence & out record is outside geofence

C: In record has no GPS coordinates & out record is outside geofence

D: In record is outside geofence & out record has no GPS

E: INCOMPLETE RECORD - In record is outside geofence

F: INCOMPLETE RECORD - Out record is outside geofence

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