Q: How does GPS function on the WorkMax app?

A: WorkMax captures GPS data from your device, which is gathered first by Satellite (Most accurate), then by WiFi and then by Cellular Assisted GPS(A-GPS). What this means is smart cellular devices try various methods to get your GPS location, which are often dependent on Cellular/WIFI connections. WiFi only devices will attempt to gather GPS through WiFi, but if there is no internet connection, GPS information cannot be received

Q: Is the Workmax mobile app responsible for GPS, or my device?

A: The WorkMax app gets it's GPS information directly from your device. If the device cannot get a GPS signal, for any reason, then the WorkMax app will not report GPS coordinates. This will show no coordinates for the affected records in the Time Editor and, if you have Geo fences enabled, there will be a red globe icon next to these time records in the TAGS column of the time editor. Although the person may have clocked IN or OUT at the appropriate location, they will show as outside of the Geo fence as there is no location data available.  

Q: Why do my coordinates show me down the street or farther away than where I really clocked IN or OUT?

A: Any app, including WorkMax, is limited to the coordinates the mobile device is supplying. Although common cellular smart devices can use satellite, oftentimes, GPS coordinates are derived from a combination of cellular, WIFI and satellite signals. Connections with a combination of these sources is not optimal and is a "best guess" coordinate of where you are. WIFI especially can show you down the road because that is where the main internet junction that your ISP uses to provide service is located.

Q: In the Control Center, why am I shown 1,000+ miles out of the geo fence?

A: This is because the address for that location in WorkMax is not found within Google Maps OR there is no address entered in the location manager for that location. This can be fixed by updating the address in the Control Center or if there is no address it is possible to get a latitude and longitude for that location and add it to "Maps" within a location.

Q: How accurate is your GPS?

A: Generally, it is accurate up within 500 ft.

Q: How often does WorkMax get my GPS location?

A: The app will only get your GPS location when you are clocking IN or OUT. In the event we cannot get a new GPS coordinate at the moment of clocking IN or OUT, WorkMax will use a previous GPS capture if there is one within 1 minute. When clocking IN or OUT, the WorkMax app attempts to get new GPS coordinates from your phone for 10 seconds, and if it is unable to capture those coordinates, the record is created without GPS coordinates.

Q: When I have GPS turned on, my battery wears down fast. Is this normal?

A: GPS generally requires more energy than most functions on a smart device and will use more of your battery. As of app version 1.25.x there have been several adjustments to optimize performance and consume less energy.

Q: What is Require Location Services?

A: Require Location Services is a way to force a mobile device to have GPS coordinates in order to clock IN or OUT. This option can be applied per device and is OFF by default. It is found in Settings > Devices. NOTE: If you feel your devices could be used in some areas or circumstances where GPS may not be available, it is advised to not use this feature, as records with no GPS will be flagged in the Control Center. As an alternative, if you require employees to be on-site when they clock in but GPS signal is not available, consider having the employees clock into a device located on-site.

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