Setting Up Face Capture

Setting Up Face Capture

Face capture is a feature utilized by the mobile time clock to capture a picture of an Employee's face on Clock IN and OUT.  When this feature is enabled, the WorkMax app will take a picture and attach it to the Clock IN or OUT time stamp.  Once the records are synced to the Control Center the captured pictures can be viewed when selecting the time record in Time Editor.

Enabling Face Capture

1. Navigate to Modules (under the Settings menu) and select the Time module.  This will open General Time Settings

2. Click Edit at the far right and toggle the IN/OUT Time Photos setting to ON (green).

Once toggled ON you will be asked if you would like to enable Face Capture for all Employees that are currently in the system. 

3. Select yes if you would like to enable the option for all Employees or select No if you would like to enable the option for specific Employees later.

Enabling Facial Recognition

After saving there will now appear a new option: IN/OUT Time Recognition. If pictures are loaded for each Employee to their employee record, WorkMax will do a compare with the picture taken from the field and flag the Time Record if the threshold (defined by you) is breached.  If you would like to utilize this option, perform steps 4 through 5.  If not, skip to step 6.

4. Toggle IN/OUT Time Recognition to ON (green) and set the Facial Recognition Threshold to your desired percentage. 

Note:  This does not turn on this option for each Employee, it only makes it available to be  toggled on later.  This can be done per Employee or via Mass Assign.

5. Click Save at the bottom to save the changes.

6. If you choose to toggle IN/OUT Time Photos on per Employee or via Mass Assign, navigate to the Settings menu and choose Employee to open the Employee Manager.

Turning ON for an individual Employee

7. In the Employee Manager, select the desired Employee and click Edit at the top right.

8. Toggle ON (green) the IN/OUT Time Photos option for the Employee.  Once on the option should say Required.

9. Toggle ON (green) the IN/OUT Time Recognition option for the Employee (if you are using this option). Once on the option should say Required.

10. Click Save at the bottom of the screen.

Turning ON using Mass Assign:

11. Navigate to Settings and Employee.

12. Select the Mass Assign tab at the top left of the screen.

13. Select the Employees that Face Capture is being assigned to.

14. Click the Edit button next to IN/OUT Photos and toggle it  to ON (green) so that it says Required.

15.  If desired, click the Edit button next to IN/OUT Time Recognition and toggle it to to ON (green) so that it says Required.

16. Click Save when done.

Facial Recognition Disclaimer

Our Face Recognition technology runs through an A.I. based set of algorithms. This enables WorkMax to match the employee's IN or OUT picture taken on the field device with a photo loaded to the employee record. This technology is provided by a very reliable source in the software industry and is used by thousands of companies every day. With that being said, it is important to remember that for every software innovation there are bad players trying to hack or spoof it in some way. The facial recognition technology we are utilizing is not immune from this fact. Due diligence should be taken to spot check time records if and when you think there may be an issue.  If you have any questions or need further clarification please contact us at 801-465-8181 or
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