Editing a Report Based on a Form

Editing a Report Based on a Form


WorkMax Forms are very versatile. Custom Reports can take a single form and split it apart into several different reports depending on the information that you want to report on. For example, you could have a daily report reporting HR related items like attendance, job site related information for superintendents and upper level management, injury related information for safety coordinators and more for other departments. Instead of having a large report and sending that same report to everyone for them to pick through for information they want to see, why not take a single form and divide it up? It's really a matter of creating a daily report with all the information from the field that your departments want to collect. Next, copy that Form report and taking out the information you don't want per department and rename it according to that department.

On top of that, you could also create filters to filter reports by department, division, employee group and more. This drastically reduces having to look through endless forms to find what you want. You can also mass export your forms now. Like all other custom reports, you can export to most formats within your browser now.

Note: Code snippet for employee and location parameter queries (?EmployeeName Is Null Or [Employee.FullName] In (?EmployeeName)) And (?LocationName Is Null Or [Location.Name] In (?LocationName))

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