Employee Last Activity Report

Employee Last Activity Report


The Employee Last Activity Report can be used in different ways but at its heart its purpose is to tell you and your team the last time your employees worked. In addition to knowing the last time an employee worked you get where they worked, what they were doing and which WorkMax module they were using last (Time, Forms or Assets.) This information is completely reliant on the last time your employees synced their devices so make sure your team is regularly syncing their WorkMax mobile app so you have the most up-to-date information. 

If you're interested in creating a date group for your report, follow these steps:

Make you sure save often!

1. Create a group header

2. Go to the field list

3. Select your reports' data source

4. Create a new calculated field and configure as shown in the screenshot

5. Here the code snippet you'll need to change the DateTime to just be date so you can filter by date FormatString('{0:MM/dd/yyyy}', [DateTime] )

6. Add the date calculated field you just created to the group header

7. Configure your group header to group by date and sort the way you want. Click the group header > Select Properties > Group Union - Select "With First Detail" > Group by "Date" (The calculated field you just created)

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