Completed Forms in the Control Center

Completed Forms in the Control Center

To access completed forms in the Control Center, click on FORMS and then choose Completed.

Completed forms search bar
Any text entered in to this field will cause a search to be run on all of the columns in the forms list table, with exception of the Date column.

Completed forms filter

To add a filter click the drop-down arrow and add the desired filters. Any fields with a drop down arrow have the capability to add more than one object.

Completed forms list

You can sort by any column by clicking on the header of the desired column to sort.

Completed forms list page number

Use arrows to navigate to next or previous page. 

View Form Details

To view a completed form from the list, click the link in the Form column for the desired form, and it will appear below the the completed form list. This will display the type of form, the date and time of completion, and any form associations. The form can be printed from here as well.

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