Building Forms in the Control center

Building Forms in the Control center

In this tutorial we will go through the steps to build a form in the Control Center. We will build an Injury Report form as an example.

1. Click Forms, Build, and then New.

2. Fill in the Form Name and set the Status to Active.

3. Click on a form item to add it to the form. These form items are the building blocks you use to a build form. Add as many of these as you need to build your form. New form items will be added to bottom of the form. To learn more about how to use each of the form items, see Form Items.

Note: On the right side of a form item you will see a set of controls. The following outlines these controls and corresponds to the image below:
      a. Make a copy of this form item and put the copy right below this item in the form.
      b. Add a general form item and put the new item right below this item in the form.
      c. Delete this form item.
      d. Move this from item up one spot in the form.
      e. Move this form item down one spot in the form.

5. To see a preview of what the form will look, click Preview.

6. The preview gives you a quick way to test the form. Click Close Preview to go back to the form builder.

7. Click on the Print Options tab.

8. After an employee submits a form, you have the ability to print out the submitted form. This tab gives you lets you customize what the form will look like when printed. This section is option.

9. Click on the Subscriptions tab.

10. Here you can add email notifications a form is submitted. The following outlines the fields when creating a subscription and corresponds to the image below.
      a. Enter subscription Name
      b. Select Individually when submitted
      c.  Select which Employee(s) you would like to be notified of when they submit a form.
      d. Select who you would like the form to be emailed to upon submission. In the Employee dropdown you can select employees in your WorkMax system. In the Email textbox you can enter outside emails not in your WorkMax system. To enter an outside email, enter the email in the Email textbox and click the the green + button.

11. Select the Time Requirements tab. Here you can add special rules for when this form will appear for Clock In or Clock OutThis section is optional. If this section is not filled out, the employee will have to go to the forms page in Control center or mobile app to submit a form.

13. If you would like to set Employee Clock In or Clock Out form rules, check the box and set the desired rules. You are not required to set rules for both Clock In and Clock Out. You can set rules for only one if you choose. The process for setting rules for Location Clock In and Clock In is the same as for Employee.

14. Click Save to finish the form.

15. The form will now show up in your forms list.

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