Batching Time Records

Batching Time Records

Batching Time 

First Navigate to the Time Editor and select a Pay Period . To select a Pay Period:
      1. Click in the drop down field under Pay Period Type.
      2. Select the pay period you want to batch records out for.
      3. Click the GO button to pull up the records in that Pay Period.

Select which records you would like to batch. If you would like to select all records across all pages within the set date range and pay period, click the Select All.
After selecting the desired records, click Batch at the bottom of the Time Editor. If this button is grayed out that means you need to select a Pay Period.

The batch confirmation window will open. This will tell you the number of records being batched and the number of records being left out. Select Batch to batch the records.

Within the Time Editor there are two tabs to view your batches in, Batched and Batched per Employee.

Batched will show each individual batch. In the example below the employee Andrew Simple is part of 2 batches. One row is shown for each batch.

Batched per Employee will show each batch grouped by employee. In this example the employee Andrew Simple is part of two batches. These batches are consolidated into one row for the employee.

Batched per Employee
 is also where you will be able to process and close your records. These buttons are grayed out if no records are selected.

When you have looked through all the records and are ready to send them to your Accounting or CSV, simply Select the record/s and press Process.  Processing will break out all your Overtime and Shift Rules.( ie lunch breaks if you use the auto lunch) Holiday, Sick and Vacation. After a batch has been processed, it will show a gears icon next to the batch ID.

After processing click Close to complete the batching process. Close will put the records into an un-editable state and ready to be sent to your Accounting or CSV.

After a batch has been closed, it will show a check mark next to the batch ID.

Export: (Quickbooks Online Only) 
To Export batches, go to  either the Batched or Batched per Employee tabs and select the batches you'd like to Export. Select the Export button at the bottom of the Time Editor. This button will only export thCLOSED records you have selected to a Time Integration you have set up. You must have a Time Integration set up beforehand for this to work.

Editing Batched Records

To edit batched records, expand the batch by clicking on the arrow, then click on the record you wish to edit.

The record will displayed below the Batched table. Make any edits necessary and then click Save to apply the changes or Cancel to discard them.

Reverse Batched Records

To reverse batches back to the Open tab, select the desired batches and then click Reverse Batch.

Confirm that you would like to reverse the batch.

The record will now show up again in the Open tab.

*NOTE - Edits made to batched records will be LOST when a batch is reversed.

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