August 2021 Control Center

August 2021 Control Center


Fixed- Time Editor units divide equally when record is broken out.
Fixed- Forms Filter Icon not changing when there's a filter.
Fixed- Make all pay code fields not required.
FixedGPS globe is not being updated correctly after editing a time record.
FixedForm data coming from device as null


Fixed- Employee Timecard report not running.


Fixed- Location Map not populating on imported locations.
Fixed- TCF's disappear when the record breaks into OT.
Fixed- Employee status change not propagating to User. This will resolve the issue of the Employee not saving.

WorkMax Release Cycle and Update Strategy:


  • Control Center: WorkMax utilizes an agile development process allowing our team to push performance enhancements, features, and fixes out to our customer's Control Centers multiple times throughout the month, ensuring WorkMax customers are always able to take advantage of the very latest and greatest technology.  

  • Mobile App: iOS and Android mobile app updates are typically every 1 - 2 months. With mobile app updates, we aim to maintain a healthy balance of delivering the latest and greatest feature enhancements to customers without overwhelming them with too many updates.     

  • Many features in WorkMax require both the Control Center and the Mobile application working together. As a result some features and fixes may require the next/pending mobile app release to fully gain all benefits.*

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