Approving Time Records (Sign Off) Time Editor

Approving Time Records (Sign Off) Time Editor

This tutorial shows how to approve (sign-off) time records and edit existing time record approvals.


To approve records in the Time Editor start by selecting Time in the top navigation, then select Time Editor.

Select the record(s) you would like to sign off on and then click Edit.

Once in edit mode, select the 'Sign-Off' tab.

Click the Sign-Off button that corresponds to the level of sign you would like to do.
      1. Employee Sign-off. (Done in the Control Center or on the device by the employee)
      2. Manager Sign-off. (Done in the Control Center or on the device by a PM or Foreman)
      3. Office Sign-off 1. (Only done in Control Center)
      4. Office Sign-off 2. (Only done in Control Center)

If you are doing an Employee and Manager Sign-off, a signature is required. Sign in the box and click Accept.

When done, click SAVE or else new sign-offs will be lost.

Once sign off's have been added, the sign off columns for that record will show a check mark.

Editing Sign-Offs

To edit sign-offs, select a record that has sign off's attached to it. Click Edit and then go to the 'Sign Off' tab.
To update a sign-off, delete it and then re-sign-off.


*Note To see the employee or manager signature, click the Show button next to the delete button.

Make sure to click Save after editing or else changes will be lost.

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