Allocating Time in Time Editor

Allocating Time in Time Editor

Allocating Time for a Single Time Record

To allocate time for a time record perform the following steps:

1.  Select the Time Module located in the upper right hand side of the screen. This will open the Time Editor.

2.  Set the date range you wish to view and click the Go button.

3.  Place a check mark in the box next to the record you wish to allocate.

4.  Click the Allocate button. 

Allocate Hours should now display below the (now grayed out) Allocate button.

5.  Click the New button to begin allocating time for the selected record.

The Time Segment window will now display.

6. With the IN time for the current segment displaying, add a new OUT time.  If it is the last segment of the day simply click the Add Remaining Time button and the applicable OUT time will add automatically.

7.  If the Location is different, set the new Location.

8. Set the new Task.  You will also set Total Units and Assets if these option are being used in your workflow.

9.  Click the Save button when done.

The Allocated Hours will now display.  Allocated time will be identified by the color orange on the time line.  Remaining un-allocated time will display on the time line as the color grey.

10.  Click the allocated segment detail to re-allocate the segment.

11.  Click and drag the Time Bubble to expand or shrink the time frame of an allocated segment.

12.  To allocate additional time on the current time record, repeat steps 5 through 9.  

13.  If allocation of the current record is complete, click the Save button.

14.  To allocate for another time record, start over at step 3.

Allocating Time For Multiple Time Records

Allocating multiple records at the same time can be accomplished by selecting multiple time records.

The selected records must comply with the following rules:
  1. Each record must have a unique employee.
  2. Each record must have the same Location.
  3. Each record should represent similar hours worked.
If these rules are met you can complete steps 1 through 14 as if allocating for a single time record. 
When allocating multiple records, they will display in a similar manner as seen in the screenshot below.


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